Our Parish History

Saint Mariana de Paredes Parish was founded by native Angeleno, Father Herve M. Trebaol For twenty-one years, Father Trebaol's unwavering commitment saw the parish flourish

Saint Mariana de Paredes Church, deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of the San Pedro region, carries a legacy forged by dedicated pastors who have nurtured its growth over the years. The church, named in honor of Saint Mariana, a young Ecuadorian saint who passed away at the tender age of 26 in 1645, has been a beacon of faith and community.


Founded by native Angeleno, Father Herve M. Trebaol, Saint Mariana de Paredes Parish embarked on its journey under his pastoral care. For twenty-one years, Father Trebaol’s unwavering commitment saw the parish flourish as he oversaw the construction of both the church and the school. His leadership was not only confined to the parish but extended to his service as an Army chaplain during World War II. In 1971, Father Trebaol, aged 69, left behind a lasting legacy when he passed away.


Subsequently, native Angeleno Monsignor Matthew Kelly took the reins of the parish for five years, followed by Father Gerald Maechler, also of Los Angeles. Their tenures, though relatively short, left an indelible mark on the parish. Both dedicated pastors passed away in 2002.


From 1981 to 1993, the parish was guided by the capable hands of Father H. Gerald McSorley, hailing from County Tyrone, Ireland. Father McSorley’s deep connection to the parish began with his ordination in 1964 and later returned as pastor in 1981.


The pastoral baton then passed to Father Fernando Iglesias in 1993, and he faithfully served the community for a decade until his retirement. Following his tenure, Father David Gallardo, a native of Santa Monica, assumed the role of administrator in 2003 and pastor in 2004. Father Gallardo’s leadership continued until June 2015.


In 2015, Father Lazaro “Larry” Revilla, born in the Philippines but raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, was named administrator. Similar to Father McSorley, Father Revilla’s pastoral journey began at Saint Mariana, his first assignment upon ordination. He was appointed pastor in July 2016.


Today, the Saint Mariana de Paredes Church continues to flourish, building upon the foundation laid by these dedicated pastors, as it carries forward its sacred mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the San Pedro region, united in faith, love, and service.