Privacy Statement

At St. Mariana de Paredes Parish, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This privacy statement outlines how we collect, use, and protect the data collected during the registration process for our parish faith formation programs.

Collecting and Storing Information:

We collect and store information about program participants, parents/guardians of minors, emergency contacts, and confirmation sponsors as part of our faith formation registration process. This information is used for program administration and communication.

We collect this information using secure methods, both on paper and digitally, ensuring that access is restricted to authorized personnel only. Data is stored securely, and appropriate measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access.

Privacy Disclosures:

We have developed a privacy policy to protect personally identifiable and sensitive information collected from those we serve. This policy applies to all electronic communication systems, devices, and materials used by or for the parish. For more details, please refer to Section 10.5 of the Administrative Handbook.

Security of Data:

Both paper records and digital data are handled with care to ensure their security. User IDs and passwords are used to control access, and all information systems adhere to authentication and authorization systems to prevent unauthorized use, access, and modification.

Data Encryption:

All our information systems employ encryption methods to ensure data security during transmission and storage. This includes our website, which is designed to protect your information.

Minors’ Privacy:

We prioritize the privacy of minors and ensure that personal information, including names and pictures, is shared with the consent of their parents/guardians. Written permission is obtained before publicizing or sharing such information.

Communication Permissions:

If we plan to use automated phone calls, texts, or email communications for program updates, we will obtain written permission from participants. Recipients will also have the option to opt out of such communications.

Information Collected:

We collect specific information during the registration process to support program administration and ensure the safety and well-being of participants. This includes details related to emergency contacts, medical information, and other relevant data. Please refer to our guidelines for more information.