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About Baptism Process

Thank you for considering St. Mariana de Paredes Catholic Church for your child’s baptism. Please review the following details regarding our baptism process:

  1. Application Process:

    • Each child requires a separate application.
    • Children must be 6 years of age or younger. For children 7 years or older, please inquire about RCIA classes for baptism.
  2. Application Submission:

    • Submit your application as soon as possible. Spots are not held without completed applications.
    • We do not accept applications the week of the baptism.
    • To reserve a date, submit the application(s) along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or hospital letter.
  3. Completing the Application:

    • Please return the completed application along with the child’s birth certificate.
    • Indicate your language preference for the baptism: English, Spanish, or Bilingual.
  4. Private Baptism Details:

    • Dates and times for private baptisms are provided upon request.
    • The stipend for a private baptism is $250, payable by credit card over the phone or cash payment at the office.
    • Full payment of $250 is required to secure your spot.
    • Additional siblings incur a fee of $125 each.
    • Additional family members (excluding siblings) are charged $150 each.
    • The next available date for a private baptism is in June 2024.
  5. Group Baptism Details:

    • Group baptisms occur on the first and second Saturday of each month at 10am.
    • The stipend for a group baptism is $125, payable in full to secure your spot.
    • Dates and times for group baptisms are as follows:
      • 1st Saturday of the month at 10am in English (Next available: Saturday, 4/6/24 @ 10am, 07/05/24 @ 10am)
      • 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am in Spanish (Next available: Saturday, 6/8/24 @ 10am, 7/13/24 @ 10am)
  6. Virtual Baptism Classes:

    • Virtual baptism classes have commenced, and you will be notified of your class date.
    • Father incorporates the class into the baptism celebration, and participation is highly recommended.
  7. Godparent Requirements:

    • Godparents must be Catholic and in good standing, having received all three sacraments: baptism, first communion, and confirmation.
    • If married, godparents must be married through the Catholic Church.
    • While you can have multiple godparents listed on the baptism certificate, only one male and one female Catholic godparent will be recorded in our baptism registry book.

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